Bio~C~Ziwi Anti-Senescent Brightening Eyes Treatment

Bio~C~Ziwi Anti-Senescent Brightening Eyes Treatment
Probably the Best Eye Treament

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Bio~C~Ziwi Anti-Senescent Brightening Eyes Treatment

EYES are the windows of a woman’s soul.

Bio~C~Ziwi Paris has perfected the know- how of making your eyes magicallyirresistable. The most effective mixtures of naturalingredients, extracted & powerfully enhanced bythe latest encapsulation technology, are meticulously packed into Charming Eyes Series, which consists of highly demanded Brightening Eyes Anti Senescent & Home Caring Treatment.

Makes your eyes look BRIGHTER & MORE CHARMING in 1 session.

The treatment results are definitely impressive with the obvious improvements to the eye area.

Reduction of Dark Eye Circles 92%
Eye Lids feel Firmer 94%
Disappearance of Crow’s Feet 90%
Reduction of Eye Bags 83%
More Refined Skin Texture 95%

So powerful, yet so gentle to your eyes. Charming Eye Series contains morethan 40 various kinds of premium quality botanical extracts & most preciousherbs, ingeniously selected and blended. It is safe to eyes and has obtained HSA approval.

Enjoy total relaxation as your eyes gets the best healingtreat. You can feel tiredness around the eye areas disappearing as the treatment progresses from phase to phase to ultimate satisfaction.
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Bio~C~Ziwi France Skincare Products

NATURE is the principle behind every Bio-C-Ziwi product

Bio~C~Ziwi France
skincare product range uses natural minerals and botanical extracts as key ingredients. No fragrance and artificial colouring is added. Bio~C~Ziwi continuously unvails the natural active ingredients that provide greataesthetic effects to enhance the natural beauty of modern women. This is the reason why Bio-C-Ziwi has successfully made its name well-known throughout the world for more than 20 years.

Bio~C~Ziwi masters the effects and benefits of special ingredients from nature, which enrich the wide range of products. The plants, developed in the natural environment, are endowed with the strength of survival, amazing capacity of immunity and self-repair. Hence, they provide the important substances required by skin and remove harmful elements that might be present in the skin. Being natural, they are easily accepted by all types of skin. Hence, the rich variety of botanical essences extracted from different types of plants are highly beneficial to our skin.
Bio~C~Ziwi Enzyme Magic Peeling Treatment is loved by most aestheticians and Nano-technology Skin Care Treatment with Hydrolyzed Collagen Protein raised Bio~C~Ziwi to a new height of achievement. With the advanced technology, it is able to convert collagen proteins to nano-particles to allow 80~90% absorption by skin toeffect skin cell repair and regeneration. The next treatment product, SPA Hydro Power Whitening Treatment is most welcomed by all users. In year 2006, Bright Eyes Anti-Senescent Treatment Set gives great improvements on the eye areas, working well onall the eye area problems and making it possible for women to have attractive eyes.

Bio~C~Ziwi is committed to further improve the product range with more research and technological advancementto bring into existence the new exciting treatments embraced by women today.

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